The technological equipment

The equipment in the surgery, from the units to the drills all meet EC standards, are regularly checked and renewed periodically in order to offer the greatest level of safety and comfort. All the instruments are of the latest generation, because they are frequently changed according to the technical and technological improvements offered by the market or simply due to normal replacement. Similarly, the X-ray equipment is periodically checked and certified by qualified experts of the sector; they are renewed and replaced when the market offers significant new products that reduce the radiation emitted and optimize the image that can be obtained. The surgery is cabled throughout and managed by computer which allows improved communication between the staff of the knowledge and clinical experience related to each patient.

Technology for hygiene

Particular care has been taken with the sterilization line to meet international standards and to offer the greatest guarantees of safety. The autoclaves are not only continuously renewed but each cycle of sterilization is checked with indicators of sterility that the person in charge checks and archives. All the cycles of sterilization are recorded, guaranteeing the patient and staff. The decontamination procedures to be implemented before and after each patient, the asepsis procedures during the sessions essential to prevent infection and the systems checking each procedure have been defined and recorded in specific procedures for many years and are updated according to the most recent acquisitions.

Organization as an added value

Special attention has been paid in recent years to the design and implementation of organizational and operational models which guarantee, alongside the extreme use of disposable material and single-doses, maximum clinical efficacy in the shortest time possible. The work on each patient is prepared in advance, from the personalized tray with everything necessary to the preparation of the operating room and checking the patient’s record. In this way, the discomfort for patients is reduced and they are sure of receiving the highest level of service that can be given in that unit of time.