Outside the study

A story of continuous excellence

The W&F surgery in via Sottocorno 1 has an important heritage of dentistry and brings it into the 21st century always following the path of clinical and care quality. The surgery was founded by Dr. Leo Weinstein, who opened it in 1946 in the same building where he lived and where two years later Roberto came into the world. After the bombs that during the war had almost razed it to the ground, the building was given a new lease of life, based on dentistry, a vocation which it has never abandoned. In 1973, Roberto Weinstein joined his father in running the surgery, following a family tradition which is continued both on the medical side and by the patients: the ones who yesterday corrected their defects of tooth alignment are the same ones who today have their teeth whitened, who have tooth decay treated and who have immediate load-bearing implants - and of course they bring their children.

Today, the story continues

In 1991, after years of experience of university work in common, the Weinstein surgery became the “Studio Odontoiatrico Associato Prof. R. Weinstein – Prof. L. Francetti”. In the 1990s, the surgery took on modern and more efficient management models, and in 2001 it had to be thoroughly modernised and the premises expanded to meet the needs of the work team which had become increasingly specialized and numerous. In early 2009, Tommaso Weinstein, Roberto's son and the grandson of the founder, Leo, joined the staff, which thus gained new blood and laid the foundations to continue even longer.