Periodontology, cosmetic, implantology: three facets, one well-being

When it comes to the crunch. It is possible to benefit from the results of good prevention at an early age, but all the problems that were neglected in childhood and adolescence can also appear. Whatever the case, modern dental techniques allow both mini-invasive operations for prevention and complex treatment for the complete rehabilitation of the oral cavity. An appropriate and strictly personalized treatment plan can thus be drawn up for every individual case, always in the perspective of satisfying the patient’s needs in terms of function,. aesthetics and length of treatment.

What are the advantages of immediate load implants?

There are several advantages, but for the patient the most important one is definitely the fact that the teeth can be inserted immediately during the same session when the implant is inserted or only a few hours later.

My gums bleed when I brush my teeth: what should I do?

Your dentist will tell you the prevention and care necessary depending on how serious the bleeding is. Of course, you must not stop brushing your teeth!

Is there a correlation between periodontal disease and cardiac disease?

A correlation n cardiac diseases and periodontal disease has been proven: periodontal disease is essentially a bacterial infection, the bacteria can enter into the blood circulation and act as aggravating factors for some cardiac diseases, such as coronary disease or infectious endocarditis.

Does smoking have a harmful effect on the health of the teeth and gums?

Smoking tends to make periodontitis which causes the loss of teeth worse. Stains from smoking also contribute to the accumulation of bacterial plaque around the teeth. Smoking also naturally causes serious aesthetic problems such as stains and gum retrusion which are difficult to correct with exclusively aesthetic actions.