Application of whitening treatment


Teeth are subjected every day to the colouring action of a great number of external factors (smoke, coffee, tea…) which in time can lead to healthy teeth losing their original shine.
The teeth whitening treatment, which can be carried out using different techniques, is recommended for everyone who is not satisfied with the colour of their teeth, although practically everybody can benefit from dental whitening. In particular, it is of benefit to those whose teeth, although healthy, verge on tones of yellow, brown or red. In these cases, the treatment provides mode definite improvement.

A safe aesthetic treatment

The whitening process takes place through special substances which are applied in the surgery or at home by the patient instructed for this purpose. A gel which is neither non-toxic nor dangerous for the health of the teeth, based on hydrogen peroxide or carbamide, is brought into contact with the teeth and acts on the molecules of pigment of the enamel and dentine: it breaks the molecular bonds of the coloured substances making the teeth whiter and shinier.
The whitening treatment is in no way dangerous for teeth. The US Food and Drug Administration classifies carbamide peroxide as a "cosmetic agent", limiting the requirements for tests and provisions of use by the whitening products containing it. This confirms the basic safety of this substance for dental use.
Under the supervision of an expert dentist, teeth whitening with gel based on carbamide peroxide is safe and effective and is a cosmetic treatment that can improve the aesthetics of the smile.
Treatment can last from less than an hour to weeks depending on the product and method used.
The various products contain a different percentage of hydrogen peroxide corresponding to a different speed of action.
With professional whitening treatments, appreciable results can already be noticed from the third day of treatment.