The tools for good oral hygiene at home: toothbrush, toothpaste, dental floss and

Prevention and oral hygiene

Specialization and personalization of treatment are the two basic characteristics of the prevention according to the W&F Dental Surgery. The specialized and expert dental hygienist is at the disposal of patients for prevention plans and to demonstrate home oral hygiene. A visit to the dentist every six months allows keeping control of the overall situation of the oral cavity, both in terms of early interception of any serious pathologies and for prevention relative to diseases of the mouth, in particular for those who have a dentition liable to accumulate plaque and tartar.

Professional oral hygiene: root planing

Beyond oral hygiene at home

The physical removal of plaque and tartar, every six months, allows restoring the optimal state of the gums, preventing infection or more serious pathologies. These operations should not be considered an aesthetic improvement but real medical treatment. In addition, during the examination, an in-depth check-up is performed to identify potential problems which, if treated in time, will have a favourable evolution. A good dentist can diagnose or at least intercept many pathologies of the mouth but also complex systemic pathologies which show the first symptoms inthe oral cavity, then addressing the patient to the specialist.