Orthodontics Invisible treatment

Invisible treatment

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Minimally invasive orthodontics

Malocclusions, problems of alignment and mastication: the W&F Surgery applies the most modern techniques of dentistry to restore perfect smiles to patients. The Surgery has been offering the so-called invisible techniques for years now: resin moulds in different shapes and colours to restore the natural tone, white ceramic, transparent resin, gold laminated, self-ligating braces and even lingual braces. Although not completely giving up the traditional techniques with metal clips connected to metal wire arches, the orthodontics offered by the Surgery is mobile, minimally invasive and invisible, with guaranteed aesthetic results.

For the correct growth of teeth

In the child it is possible to prevent dental misalignment or intercept this precociously, essentially with mechanical orthodontic techniques similar to those for the adult.

Orthodontics Traditional treatment

Traditional treatment

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It is also possible to prevent, intercept at an early stage and correct deviations of growth of the upper jaw and lower jaw. In this case, whilst in the adult a surgical maxillofacial operation is indispensable, in a child it is possible to correct growth with traditional or innovative types. In these cases, the Surgery normally also offers functional re-educational treatment of the oral and facial muscles.

Clinical techniques for complex cases

When it is not possible to correct the problem with braces and other devices of traditional and innovative mechanical orthodontics, the Surgery offers recourse to absolutely safe and effective clinical techniques. From forced extrusion to extrusion with implant, all clinical orthodontic treatment is carried out at the W&F Surgery.