Pedodontics Sealing grooves on the molar to prevent caries

Sealing grooves on the molar to prevent caries

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Going to the dentist without being afraid

There is no precise age to start taking your children to the dentist: at the W&F Surgery we have patients who bring their children for their first visits from as early as three or four. The first check-ups can be done at that age, whilst habits of oral hygiene are fundamental, which parents must teach from when the child is able to understand the gesture of brushing teeth. Visits to the dentist are to intercept any problems of growth at an early stage and in particular dysgnathia, i.e. imbalances on dental occlusion and the morphology of the jaw. In these cases, orthognathic and dental treatment is required.

Dental care

The commonest pathologies in small patients concern caries, dento-skeletal malformations and dysgnathias. The W&F Surgery receives its small patients with a correct approach so that the youngsters are not afraid of the figure of the dentist.

The psychological aspect is very important in looking after the child’s teeth, not so much or only for the development of the course of treatment but also to encourage a trusting relationship with the dental chair which will produce, as an adult, a confident patient. The main types of treatment given are sealing grooves, to avoid caries developing in areas that are difficult to clean, the avulsion of compromised deciduous dental elements (milk teeth) and the application of orthodontic braces.

Invisible orthodontics

For children and also for adults, a great innovation offered by the W&F Surgery is orthodontics with invisible braces which once worn are practically indistinguishable from the tooth underneath. The great advantages of this procedure is that smiles and aesthetics are not altered by the presence of the classic brace and the possibility of removing it for brief periods on special occasions.