Aesthetic dentistry Aesthetic dentistry

Aesthetic reconstruction
of a fractured element

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Giving a beautiful smile is part of the treatment

Today aesthetic appearance is increasingly important and in dental care this factor cannot be overlooked. If the main objective is the optimal solution of problems and treatment of the patient, restoring a correct smile is the objective that comes immediately afterwards, at times without distinction with respect to the main one. A beautiful smile has a fundamental psychological function in social relations and underestimating its effects would not be correct, including from a medical point of view. This is why today there is a tendency to reconcile clinical treatment and the aesthetic result in every case.

The solutions proposed

The W&F surgery has always considered the best aesthetic solutions with great interest and has always suggested them to its patients as an essential complementary part of treatment.

Whitening treatments and subsequent maintenance sessions, aesthetic surgery and corrective orthodontics with aims for purposes that are also aesthetic are offered directly in the treatment plans shown to patients. As well as professional whitening with gel, ceramic veneers are made to solve stains which otherwise cannot be eliminated, fillings with aesthetic materials, inlays and ceramic moulding that can perfectly reproduce the characteristics of the natural tooth.