Conservative Conservativa estetica

Pre-molar elements
with serious destructive caries

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Conservative Conservativa estetica

Reconstruction of incisal margin damaged by trauma

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The teeth: a precious asset to keep

Conservative dentistry is the discipline that reconstructs dental elements, when caries or traumas have entailed their partial loss. Reconstructive dentistry has radically changed in the past few years, thanks to new adhesive systems, aesthetic materials and increasingly refined direct and indirect restorative techniques. Modern conservative dentistry is based on the concept of minimal invasiveness, with the removal of only the caried tissue and its replacement with restorative material. In addition, the procedures adopted by the W&F Surgery allow identifying not only the carious lesions even at an early stage, but also identifying the patients most liable to caries, to be able to preserve their smile and aesthetic appearance in time.

Innovative materials in conservative dentistry

Over the years, the W&F Surgery has followed the evolution of the most modern techniques and technologies, including innovative materials and the most advanced methods. This allows satisfying increasing requests of a conservative nature, even in cases which until not very long ago were of the exclusive pertinence of fixed prostheses. The great expectations of patients today meet aesthetic possibilities and potentials that the Surgery can fully satisfy.

The importance of aesthetics

With the advent of new technologies and new composite materials, which perfectly simulate the natural tooth in colour and brightness. a range of conservative aesthetic treatment has been opened which until a few years ago was unimaginable.

Today, the W&F Surgery also works in conservative dentistry with innovative teeth whitening techniques to eliminate discolouring of various origin. for example due to nicotine, old devitalizations or traumas, painlessly and safely for the dental structure. All this entails an excellent knowledge of materials and techniques and great experience both in the restoration of front and back teeth: the Surgery has matured these characteristics in over 50 years at the sides of its patients.